Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility: When Two Aquarians Date

An aligned Leo will be sure to be the megaphone for their Aquarian bae. Although Aquarians are air signs, they are by no means a whirlwind date. This means that you need to take the courtship slow in the beginning. She can be committed to someone but needs to be sure. It takes time for her to let you into her inner circle, but once she does, you’ll have the key for quite some time.

Outside our family, we form friendships with other children and eventually other adults. And, we go to work and have careers, interacting with employers and co-workers. This Aquarius and Capricorn relationship will be enlightening to both partners. is eveeda com worth it With Aquarius’ ideas for the future and Capricorn’s willingness to execute those ideas, these two can learn from each other’s differences and work together. When they’re in a friendly or romantic commitment, they will be quite loyal to one another.

Fortunately, all they need to do is get through the post-infatuation phase. Once they do, they’re effectively partners for life. As a fellow air sign, Gemini is one of the best soulmate matches for an Aquarius. However, it’s always lovely to be with someone who’s astrologically compatible with you. If you’re an Aquarius, then you may be wondering about your soulmate compatibility with other signs. Obviously this should be done in any relationship but I think Aquarius can get triggered if they get hit with the wrong style of affection.

If any zodiac sign knows what it’s like to feel like everyone is always up in your business all the time, it’s Aquarius. When you’re with an Aquarius, you should be prepared to talk more than listen because they aren’t the kind of zodiac sign that constantly needs to talk to fill quiet moments. They are comfortable when they can just be with you and enjoy the silence.

Typical fights between an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman and how to resolve them

Aquarians tend to care especially for the welfare of others and society all in all. Get the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one with our personalized zodiac-inspired guide. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University. If someone makes them a promise, they better keep it. Aquarius are responsible and respectful, and they expect everyone else to behave in a similar manner.

They don’t do well with conformity and occasionally feel confused by the strange norms and customs within their community. For that reason, they often come off as a bit aloof. Meeting new and interesting people is one of their favorite pastimes, so let them feel like they have that option. The worst love matches for Aquarius are Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Virgo likes to live their life by a simple routine and with traditional family values.


For instance, if you know that they’d tell you the best way to plant your garden, but you want to do it differently, go ahead and do it your way. Then, you can explain why you think your layout was the best. Someone who seems ravenously single for a long time, and mysteriously so since they seem like a strong candidate for being in a relationship, married, etc.

Aquarius Compatibility

It was great, I thought, that my peers had access to this new and exciting way of meeting people. But most of the people with whom I went on actual dates were people I had met offline. If you’re ready to get in the middle of the action, the Astro Butterfly school is happy to invite you to join “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You”. Perhaps you can tell that there’s something brewing, but you can’t really put your finger on it. Don’t be too hard on yourself for mistakes of the past. This is a moment set free from guilt and speed up what is important and bringing you joy.

Lucky for me she had evolved to a stage in her life where she was cool either way, whether i committed or not. I was working towards it for at least 6 months before i actually did it. I just take forever to commit bc once i finally ask you to be my girl it’s after i’ve fully thought it through and decided i want to marry you. This is not to say that all Aquarius men are great people and suitable mates. Just like any other zodiac sign if the person is out of balance and ungrounded the pendulums swing too far to the negative.

What You Need To Know At Every Stage Of Your Relationship With An Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Cancer relationship will see plenty of arguments and misunderstandings if clear communication is not established. Gemini can be a bit neurotic – and they love to hear the sound of their own voice – two aspects which may grate on Aquarius’ nerves. But if Aquarius can increase their patience and Gemini can increase their focus, this can be a transformative union. And while Aquarius values their independence, they’re completely loyal – once they’ve committed to someone, they’re all in.

And while some signs may find this intimidating, both Aquarius and Gemini find the verbal and mental challenge attractive. This compatibility in communication is obvious in the two signs’ conversations, which are frequently fueled by debate. “Lack of emotional connection can haunt this relationship.

As such, they consider having a platonic relationship with their partner as crucial. What’s great about Aquarius and Gemini is that they don’t get too emotional. They can talk through their problems as very rational persons. “This is a good match because neither of these two signs will be tripping about the classic romance problems—jealousy, neediness, etc.,” she adds. They have a harmonious relationship because they’re intellectual, freedom-loving beings.