Down Syndrome: Causes, Types, And Symptoms

The rest of this leaflet concentrates on screening for Down’s syndrome and the diagnosis of Down’s syndrome during pregnancy, before the baby is born. However, it should also be remembered that the risk of conceiving a baby with Down’s syndrome is actually higher than the above figures. This is because about three quarters of embryos or developing fetuses with Down’s syndrome will never actually develop fully and so a miscarriage will occur before a baby is born.

There are approximately 5.4 million people with Down syndrome in the world, so it is more common than you think. The average IQ of an adult with Down syndrome is approximately 50 (equivalent to the mental capability of an 8-year-old kid). Therefore, if a normal person is dating someone with Down syndrome, it possibly means this normal person’s IQ is probably 75, e.g.

Today, he drives independently where he wants and needs to go. We have an agreed upon safe-zone and he communicates his location with every stop to keep us informed of his whereabouts. He doesn’t like to drive in the bigger cities and asks us to take the wheel in those places. Linda Biermann shared her son’s experience in one of her posts. The family owns a farm, and driving is quite important for farming. When her son was very young, they bought him a child’s battery-operated John Deere tractor.

So this particular day was not unlike many other days when a longtime client and friend asked me for advice on New Year’s Eve activities. Being removed from the salon to become a stay-at-home-mom has had its pros and cons. Mostly pro because I can stem my focus to my daughter and her care, but on a day like today, I sure missed being in the salon to find out about the happenings around town.

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While similar to simple trisomy 21, the difference is that the extra chromosome 21 is present in some, but not all cells, of the individual. This type of Down syndrome is caused by abnormal cell division after fertilization. The name comes from a random order of normal and abnormal cells . In cellular mosaicism, the mixture can be seen in different cells of the same type; while with tissue mosaicism, one set of cells may have normal chromosomes and another type may have trisomy 21.

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Print two related words, like Mommy and Daddy, in large type on a piece of white paper and laminate it . Print or type each word again, separately, on small cards and laminate those. Place the big card, face up, in front of the child and have her hand you the small cards that correspond to the words on the big card, one at a time.

People with down syndrome don’t fully understand things, and in turn, tend to be syndrome of efficient communication. Boundaries should be taught before the teen years, and I believe most of us can agree with that. Not everyone is a friend, and there are many people who may try to take advantage of our kids.

In its practice guide, «That Sign Means Ice Cream,» the Center for Early Literacy Learning ( in Asheville, NC, recommends showing toddlers a real object or activity along with a matching image. Take pictures of objects or activities your child likes so he can «ask» for what he wants by pointing or handing you the picture. These learning activities will help your child with cognitive and educational development as he grows. Mosaic Trisomy 21 – This is a rare form (less than 2% of cases) of Down syndrome.

Disabled World makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith. Content may have been edited for style, clarity or length. I think he’s just bored out of his mind and would love to have some people to text with. There is an app called Ellie that lists multiple disabilities, including autism, but not DS specifically. Double dates are great for easing the pressure of meeting someone you barely know.

Kathleen Fergus, MS, LCGC, is a board-certified genetic counselor who has worked extensively with families affected by Down syndrome. Diagnostic tests can tell if the fetus does have the condition. Kids with Down syndrome have a wide range of abilities, and there’s no way to tell at birth what they can do as they grow up. Mosaic Down syndrome is a rare, less severe form of Down syndrome.

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