Natal Venus In Scorpio: Every Detail You’d Want To Know

It’s like I need to have that pull over you or something. Almost like a magnetic force where I need to feel the person I’m with is drawn to me, but not the other way around. It’s like I have too much pride to show that type of weakness..

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You’ll be called to re-think some of your viewpoints now, and while you may not change your mind overnight, this retrograde will definitely get your wheels turning. On April 11, the sun and Jupiter will join forces in Aries, bringing growth and immediate developments to your ninth house of higher knowledge, wisdom, and philosophies. Take your belief systems to exciting new heights, Leo, even if you have to take the lead in this area. The solar eclipse in Aries on April 19 will allow powerful new chapters to unfold, prompting you to take the reins when it comes to spirituality and self-development.

When you’re doing something that makes you feel like shit, this is your clue to stop doing it. You sound as if you need to be told it is okay to quit screwing this guy. You can decide right now to never take my pants off in his presence again. Moon conjunct South Node in particular creates heavy delusion about the nature of the world. And Moon conjunct North Node can make a person believe they are “destined for greatness” and secretly desire to be hero-worshipped, which is very common in narcissists. Imelda has helped thousands of people over the years and feels blessed to be able to keep helping those who reach out to her and her team.

This is where the “Romeo and Juliet” analogy comes in. You can struggle to feel anchored in this world, Venus in Pisces, which is why you need someone who understands—and validates—your feelings. You’re all about having an emotional connection, says Page, so you need a partner that prioritizes that, too. Enter your fellow water signs, Venus in Cancer and in Scorpio.

They respect being proven wrong, but this may take you a lifetime to prove to them. Not to be outdone by the Earth signs’ desire for a perfect partner, Venus in Scorpio wants a lover who will bleed for them. If you’ve proven yourself, Venus in Scorpio will also willingly bleed for you.

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They hate lies and hypocrisy, yet sometimes have a secret that makes them feel guilty. These people are exceptionally loyal and keep friendships for life. They are charming, passionate, and honest with a wry sense of humor. The condition of being afflicted with Venus in Scorpio is the condition of being afflicted with desire. If desire were not terrifying, we wouldn’t have emotions such as envy or jealousy or regret.

Although they may express their dominating tendencies in minor ways, there’s little doubt that they’re working to pull the strings. When they find a suitable partner, they want to merge with them in totality. They seek extreme vulnerability and emotional intensity with their lover. Love often has a strong spiritual basis for Scorpio venus, and in partnership, they tap into a deep inner well of spiritual feeling and desire for soul contact. Venus in Scorpio women are exciting, complex, and for some, even intimidating.

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If you’re LGBTQ+ friendly, whatever role you consider yourself to be, look to the opposite of that. So if you identify as the masculine in same sex connection, look to your Venus placement, and vice versa. Considering you’re a Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio, I’m guessin’ no. I’m not going to get on your ass about this because you sound like you’ve got some scruples.

Still is but both have chosen not to pursue any relationship with me. So, bleed a little and cut out your heart, and you’ll be rewarded with the most passionate of lovers who will adore you to the death, after death, and then some. Venus in Scorpio men are attracted to women who are mysterious, silent, confident, in control, and powerful. They are attracted to a partner who is capable of deep emotional intimacy. When it comes to physical looks, they are attracted to sexy women who exude sexual magnetism subliminally, but not attracted to flirty types.


You definitely want to find true love in life, and it’s easier for you to wait out a not-so-great relationship hoping it’ll turn around than starting something new. Venus in the 1st house will have traits found in the Aries zodiac sign. Keywords for this placement include self, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house – AKA intense bonding. For you, relationships aren’t as easy to make and break as some people make them out to be.

Both Scorpio and Capricorn crave more stability and structure than Venus in Gemini is really capable of. Scorpio is a water sign, and Capricorn is an earth sign. Venus in Libra can be excessively idealistic, and Venus in Aquarius people can be downright dogmatic about their ideas of how a love relationship should run. You’ll desire security and stability on April 20, as the sun shifts into the comfort-oriented sign of Taurus. During this season, you’ll be prompted to lean into the solace and contentment of your natural habitat, inviting you to consider how much pleasure you’re provided with.

You are most attracted to things and people who bring you ultimate comfort – like a cushy, velvet loveseat or the strong arms and soothing voice of your S.O. Give you a partner with financial security, someone who loves their mom, and has a good career, and you’re shopping for wedding venues by the second date. You have a tendency to burn bridges before really getting to know what someone is going through. Just because someone doesn’t want to initiate a relationship with you just yet doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you.

If a well-integrated Venus in Scorpio falls in love with you, you have a loyal, caring lover. However, a relationship with an immature person with this placement can feel rather suffocating. Due to the impact of Venus in this place, the person gets a sense of perseverance and sticks to the decisions they made.