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The Nebraska Masonic Home reported it opened a store staffed by residents. A record was kept of items obtained in the store by residents, but there was no charge for them. The Grand Custodian said the condition of ritual work in Nebraska was that good lodges got better and the poor ones became terrible. He attributed the situation to lack of manpower, pride, tradition, leadership and most of all, desire. The Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children became licensed to care for up to 75 children.

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A dedication ceremony was held in Alexandria, Virginia, for the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. More than 18,000 Masons paraded to the ceremony that was led by Past Grand Master of Virginia Charles Callahan who conceived the idea. President Herbert Hoover attended the festivities and was honored by a 21-gun salute by artillery fire and responses from the frigate “Constitution.” About $650,000 was necessary to complete the building. With the recent completion of the Veterans Hospital in Lincoln, the Masters and Wardens of Lincoln’s lodges organized a Hospital Service Club to regularly visit Masons staying there.

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The third year of a severe drought in western Nebraska prompted the Grand Master to call a conference of Grand Lodge officers and Past Grand Masters to decide what to do to help farmers. It was decided to ask lodges to contribute 50-cents per member to help Masons appealing for assistance. Nearly $4,700 was raised, and the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons contributed $1,000 to the cause. Lancaster Lodge No. 54 protested the assessment, but the Committee on Grievances ruled it was within the authority of the Grand Master.

A committee of lodge secretaries and Grand Lodge office staff completed a new Secretary’s Handbook. Twenty-nine area leadership chairmen were assigned six to eight lodges each to show them the ingredients of a successful lodge. A Statement of Principle Concerning Freemasonry and Religion was adopted at Annual Communication. Amendments to the Grand Lodge Constitution were not allowed to be discussed because not enough lodges voted to submit them to the delegates at Annual Communication. Perpetual Memberships were authorized in a bylaw change approved by the delegates at Annual Communication.

Another amendment eliminated a section in the bylaws that stated an Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft could not receive the next degree until 28 days after receiving the previous degree. The home’s chairman said that amounted to less than 4 percent of its budget. He said the generosity of Masons in the past allowed the home to maintain its level of service, and he asked Masons to put the home in their wills.

L. Bowen of Nebraska Lodge in Bellevue, Deputy Grand Master, and David Lindley of Giddings Lodge, Grand Senior Warden. They were installed by Most Excellent Brother J.A.W. Buck of Illinois. The Grand Lodge of Iowa chartered Capitol Lodge No. 101 in Omaha on June 3, 1857.

He said the rulings, accumulated from year to year, were left in a “promiscuous and chaotic state” and should be printed in the Proceedings each year and the law be reprinted every three years. Worshipful Brother Albert Pike of Arkansas attended this Annual Communication. Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction. He addressed the group of 500 Nebraska Masons for three hours and discussed Freemasonry, its secrets and symbolism. Disastrous floods on the Ohio River prompted 70 lodges to donate $2,026 to relieve the suffering.

The Committee on Nebraska Work recommended changing the closing to eliminate the redundancy. Degree Team competition was canceled because of lack of interest with only three teams wanting to participate. The Nebraska Masonic Foundation purchased a building site at 11th and J Streets in Lincoln to house the Grand Lodge offices, museum and library. Committees were formed to finance, raise funds and design and build a Grand Lodge building for $750,000. Plans for the building were down from the originally proposed $2.5 million structure.

With no new lodges started the first three years and membership maintaining a slow growth, the Grand Master attributed the situation to a poor economy and older brethren abandoning lodges to find fortune in the gold fields. To cope with the resulting low funds, the Grand Secretary’s salary was reduced from $150 to $50 per annum. The Grand Master appointed a School Fund Committee to provide education for the orphans of Master Masons.

The Grand Master said that in the face of the “great financial depression,” Masons didn’t assist each other, or the destitute widow and helpless orphan, as they should. He lamented that many Masons had joined other secret societies and commented that a Mason risks something when he joins another society. In addition, he said too many secrets get outside the lodge room and too many members https://www.thedatingpros.com/christianfilipina-review indulge in alcohol, profanity, gambling, quarreling, backbiting, cheating and defrauding. “The fact is, Brethren, we have in our ranks too many men who are unworthy,” he said. Regretting that he hadn’t visited all lodges, the Grand Master said his involvement in the extended presidential election , serving in the Nebraska Senate and operating his business prevented him from traveling.

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After several years of holding Area Education Meetings, they were discontinued in favor of Deputy Grand Custodians becoming involved locally. The Grand Master appointed them his personal representative in their district and directed them to visit each lodge and prepare a report on its situation. They met with lodge officers to discuss educational materials provided by the Committee on Masonic Education.